Usernames and suchlike

I'm considering closing down this LJ and moving everything across to mrtonylee, as half the time I'm replying to it anyway as reverend and pretty much all who read that are on this too.

I'd have to sort out filters and such like but I reckon it'd be about the same.

But I want opinions from those who have changed LJ's etc.

What's the easiest way to do it? Is it worth it? Should I just keep it the way it is?

Let me know.

Tony @ SBC - Drunk Guys and Troopers...

Craig Johnson of Silver Bullet Comics, one of the biggest internet comic sites (They host the All The Rage gossip column and will soon host me and Dan's column when we write it) did an interview with me a week or so after Bristol.

With editing, revised questions and a variety of interesting pictures including two from Of Vengeance, two from Starship Troopers #4, two from Doctor Who #1 and a sketch of Feline from Mythlands with Jim Suthern, it's finnaly up, and I talk about the infamous 'Treegate', my opinion of the Eagle awards, my favourite piece of writing, a variety of my projects, my friendship with Dan and what we're doing next (including the long-awaited Gloom Trade and the Tizzle Sisters with G.P. Taylor) and a whole lot more.

The interview can be found HERE.

A side note for Firefox users however - for some reason the various times in the interview that I use a hyphen, for some reason it replaces with a question mark. No, I have no idea either, but it makes my replies kinda strange sometimes...

Oh, and sallamino - Hannah came through, girl. Hannah came through ;-)

rinkyandmerlin Update...

Right, first off, she's broken her arm in FOUR, not two places, both bones in the forearm are broken, the elbow's had something happen, there's a bone shard in her arm and her wrist may also be shattered.

She's just gone into surgery to have metal plates put in her arm, so we don't expect her out of Hospital til Sunday at the earliest.

She thanks you all for your supposrt, but would like to clarify one thing...

Collapse )

Currently believe she was going 20 odd MPH downhill when she came off.

For those who know her -

Tanya (aka rinkyandmerlin)'s had a bit of an accident. At about 9.15 tonight she came off her miniscooter thing and smacked her face into the road, knocking herself unconsious. In doing so she broke several teeth, smacked her face up auite bad and did her arm in.

Having been at the hospital for the last few hours, I can now tell you that she's okay, she's not concussed, she's shaken up, she's battered and bruised in the face area -

But she's broken her right forearm in two places and will be staying in tonight as she needs to have the bones pinned. And then the cast put on etc.

Messages of support / sympathy etc can be sent to tanyabaldwin (at)


Okay, comic book fans...

No reason whatsoever - but if you're a Marvel fan, a lover of the Cosmic side of Marvel and you collected between 70's to now -

email me on mrtonylee at as I have some questions.

Doctor Who Magazine #370 out today...

Yup, that's right, Doctor Who Magazine number #370 is out today in all good newsagents (including places like WHSmiths etc) and it has features on upcoming episodes, a great feature on the return of the Cybermen and, most importantly - the exciting part 2 of my 'Doctor Who - F.A.Q' story, with art by the incredible Mike Collins.

In the comic strip the mystery deepens for the Doctor and Rose in the second part of the all-new adventure, F.A.Q. written by Tony Lee with artwork from Mike Collins.

And there are at least four people who will be buying it for other reasons... Why? Well, let me show you...

First off, While the Doctor and Trudy are being taken somewhere, they see the three trees that used to be boys...

Meanwhile, in the real world, Rose and 'Ms Lloyd' meet an old friend...

Well, at least she isn't black this time....

Go buy it! Now!